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Proud Member of: The National Marine Manufacturer Association (NMMA) & The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

A Skilled Plastic Manufacturing Company for All Your Products

Plastic is everywhere. It’s used in nearly all products on the market, big and small. When your company needs precisely formed pieces to go into your products rely on us for service. We are a plastic manufacturing company which creates items to exact specifications. Our custom-formed products meet all your standards so you can offer a finished product that you know is made with components of the highest quality.

Customers rely on you to produce great products consistently. It can be hard to meet this demand and run other aspects of your business. Our primary source of business comes from manufacturing parts and products for other companies. They rely on us to manufacture exceptional products that their customers will love. Contact us today to learn more about our various manufacturing capabilities.

Products Beyond Plastic

Our company will meet your needs for products beyond plastic. We have also established ourselves over the years as a reliable source for many other components for a wide range of manufacturers across several industries.

For example, we are known as the go-to supplier of many items for boating manufacturers. They trust us to produce instrument panels and wire harnesses for their watercraft while also handling the dashboard assembly.

Our reputation is founded on generating products of proven quality that stand the test of time. Your customers rely on you, and you rely on us. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. Whether you’ve placed an order for fiberglass components for a new product you are creating or an old favorite, know that we’ll work with you to achieve an item which is made to the highest tolerances and strength.

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About Us

Uniforce Tech was founded in 1990 as a developer of electronic and electronic components, then sister companies, Uniforce Plastic, and Uniforce Composites followed. As a manufacturing company consisting of three independent companies, we design, develop, and manufacture plastic and composites for our clients, most of whom work for other companies. We're also known for creating the engineering tooling, creating molds, and manufacturing electrical and plastic components. With more than 40 years of experience under our belts, you can depend on us for high-quality products at fair prices.

Contact us to learn more about our products. We are proud to serve customer across many states from our location in Conway, AR.


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Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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