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Electrical Components

Complete Assembly for Custom Instrument Panels in Conway, AR

Streamline your company’s assembly process by partnering with Uniforce. Our company provides personalized solutions that help you build your business’s products with confidence. We offer a variety of high-tech solutions, including wire harnesses, dashboard assemblies, and custom instrument panels in Conway, AR. With us on your side, you can give consumers a smooth experience and ensure correct assembly every time.

Uniforce Technologies Plant

We tailor our instrument panel assembly to meet your unique needs. This allows you to sell the products we manufacture without ever needing to let your customers know that another company was involved. Since Uniforce tech applies the latest manufacturing techniques to your existing designs, the finished product is a true blend of our innovation and your brand.

Custom Instruments Panels
Digital Instrument Panel Bass Boat Instrument Panel

Powering Your Success

Your products are our priority. That’s why we take care to manage every step in the assembly process with the level of attention to detail you deserve. From putting together individual wiring and bundles for your electrical system to putting your entire dashboard together, we have you covered. Rely on us when you need panels for:

  • Yachts
  • Large Boats
  • Ski Boats
  • Water-Surfing Boats
Electrical Wire Harnesses Custom Electrical Assemblies

We can fabricate everything you see in the finished project, from the shifting panels to the throttle. Plus, our technicians integrate each part with the dash, the vinyl, and the plastic. We even create our own molds and craft vinyl-wrapped parts when necessary. Get absolute quality without sacrificing the close connection between our finished assemblies and your brand presence! Reach out to us now for more information on how we can assist with your project.

Custom Dashboard Assembly for a Boat Manufacturer Fishing Boat Center Consoles