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Electrical Components

Uniforce Tech — Custom Instrument Panels, Wire Harnesses, & Dashboards

Our experienced professionals have the expertise to produce a wide variety of high-tech solutions, from electrical wire harnesses to custom instrument panels. Contact our manufacturing company today if you have any questions about Uniforce Tech's services.

Uniforce Technologies Plant

Instrument Panels

This part of the process involves assembling all of the parts. We are the hidden manufacturing company for other companies that sell the products we manufacture.

Custom Instruments Panels
Digital Instrument Panel Bass Boat Instrument Panel

Electrical Wire Harnesses

We make the bundle and the individual wiring for the electrical system. Because their brand name is closely tied to the product, most companies don't want their consumers to know that they don't actually manufacture their own products. Our goal is to be the company behind the scenes making products for others.

Electrical Wire Harnesses Custom Electrical Assemblies

Dashboard Assembly

Companies depend on us to create custom instrument panels and dashboards for yachts, large boats, ski boats, and water-surfing and -skiing boats. We can fabricate everything you see in a boat, from the shifting panels to the throttle. These parts are integrated with the dash, the vinyl, and the plastic. We also make vinyl-wrapped dashboard assembly parts. Our entire development process involves creating the molds that make the parts and the part components of the dashboard.

Custom Dashboard Assembly for a Boat Manufacturer Fishing Boat Center Consoles