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Electrical Components

High-Quality Custom Instrument Panels in Conway, AR

Every industry has highly specialized equipment geared towards producing millions of different things. That's why Uniforce is focused on creating the best custom instrument panels in Conway, AR. Sure having a standard layout for all your buttons and functions works, but there is always room for improvement and efficiency. Whether you need it for your company or plan on selling it to other manufacturers, we have the team and equipment to get the job done.

Uniforce Technologies Plant

Making custom equipment is a sure way of streamlining any production line. No job is too meticulous or ambitious for our company. From dashboard assembly to wire harnesses, every step is carefully monitored to create the best products. We're committed to being a reliable manufacturer for our vast client base. We make every piece of the finished product you receive with the intent of optimal performance and guarantee a smooth assembly every time.

Custom Instruments Panels
Digital Instrument Panel Bass Boat Instrument Panel

Count on us for the panels you want for:

  • Yachts
  • Large Boats
  • Ski Boats
  • Water-Surfing Boats
  • And More

Feel free to contact us for more information about our product and services. We'll be glad to help you find the best solution to meet your company's needs.

Electrical Wire Harnesses Custom Electrical Assemblies

Custom Dashboard Assembly for a Boat Manufacturer

Fishing Boat Center Consoles