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GelCoat Spray System

Uniforce Composites in Midway, AR, Produces High-Quality Thermoforming Materials

When you are looking for high-quality thermoforming materials for your manufacturing processes, rely on Uniforce Composites in Midway, AR, to deliver exactly what you need. As a leader in the composites industry, our company strives to always provide top-quality results for our clients. We specialize in designing and building molds for fiberglass production and thermoforming.

For our thermoforming molds, our team will start by designing a template for the mold. We will then create a 3D pattern of the template and copy it into a production mold. The molds can then be used internally by our plastic manufacturing company or by our external clients. Contact us to learn more about the molds we have to offer or to discuss the components you need for your business.

Uniforce Composites Plant

Crafting Fiberglass Components

In addition to offering thermoforming materials, our company also provides a wide range of fiberglass molds and components for the marine industry. This includes making many of the smaller components found on boats and yachts, including fiberglass consoles. When manufacturing these components, our team will use a gel coating to help strengthen and protect the fiberglass. So, whether you are looking for thermoforming parts or fiberglass molds, trust our company to provide the composite solutions you need.

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